What would happen if I didn’t obtain a building permit?

Undertaking building work without obtaining the necessary building permit is a serious offence and can result in severe penalties. The Building Act prescribes a penalty of $10,000 for any persons who carry out work without a permit.

What is an occupancy permit?

Occupancy permits are issued at the completion of a building or renovating project when every item that can affect safety is in place and fully operational, such as the water supply; smoke alarms, alarm systems, handrails and balustrades. It does not mean that all the painting is done, that the carpet is laid or that all fittings are installed. All of that may be weeks, or even months away. An occupancy permit is issued when a building is ‘suitable to occupy’ from a safety point of view. It is not a statement that all the building work is necessarily complete. Nor is it a certificate that states that all the building work complies with the relevant legislation.

Do all building works require a building permit?

A building permit is required for all new construction, all alterations and repairs that are structural, and all alterations that change the use of the building.

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Occupancy Permits

Swimming Pool Compliance

Building Inspections

What is the difference between a building permit and a planning permit?

Planning permit’s deal with the development and use in principle covering, such as areas of aesthetics, building layout and landscape. These must be obtained before the issue of any building permit.

What are building permits?

Building permits are the documents that signify that a building surveyor has approved documentation for proposed building work prior to its commencement. The Building Act 1993 and Building (Interim) Regulations 2005, legislate that most building work is subject to the issuing of a building permit. This includes most alterations, demolitions and removals.

Building permits are a system that controls the construction of building work. The establish, maintain and improve standards of the construction and maintenance of buildings. Permits also enhance the amenity of buildings and project people using them.