Who is an Owner Builder?

An Owner-Builder assumes the responsibilities, risks and liabilities of a builder. The level of those responsibilities, risks and liabilities depends on the extent of the building work undertaken by the owner. Genuine owner-builders will live or intend to live in their home once completed. Do not make the decision to be an owner-builder lightly. Unless you are confident that you have the knowledge to undertake a project like this, you should seriously reconsider if becoming an owner-builder is the right choice for you.

When is a certificate of consent required?

If you intend to apply for a building permit to carry out domestic building work that costs more than $12,000, you must provide a Certificate of Consent from the Victorian Building Authority as part of your building permit application. You will also need to obtain subsequent certificates of consent for any additional building work (costing over $12,000) on the same property. It is a serious offence if you commence building work without the correct permits in place, and you may be compelled to demolish illegal buildings. Never rely on informational advice on planning or building permits.