How do you achieve compliance certification?

Measures are either inspected quarterly or annually and focus on the following areas of your building:

Passive Fire covers the construction in relation to fire resistance. It indicated fire resistance. It includes the items, exit doors, smoke doors, fire doors, paths to travel to exits, fire resisting shafts, fire resisting structures, fire indices, fire protected coverings, fire rated access panel, lightweight construction, penetration fire-related structures, discharge from exits to public road, fire isolated passageways and stairs, fire indices and passageways. We also monitor the fire equipment, emergency lighting and mechanical services to ensure that all items applicable to your building are maintained to the correct Australian standard by the contractor. Anderson Group makes the process easy for you by managing the reports, providing certification and helping you to sustain long-term compliance. If you also require maintenance of fire equipment, emergency lighting and mechanical ventilation, Anderson Group will coordinate these contractors.