What types of building are affected?

All buildings other than a house or outbuilding are affected. These include the following classes as defined in the Building Code of Australia.

Class 1B: Some boarding houses, guesthouses or hostels.

Class 2: Buildings containing sole-occupancy unit (e.g. apartments, blocks of flats).

Class 3: Backpacker accommodation, residential parts of hotels or motels, residential parts of schools accommodation for the aged, physically challenged or children.

Class 5: Offices for professional and commercial purposes.

Class 6: Shops or other buildings for the sale of goods by retail cafes, restaurants, milk bars, dining rooms and bars.

Class 7: Buildings used for car parks, storage or warehouses.

Class 8: Laboratories and factories.

Class 9: Public buildings such as healthcare buildings or assembly buildings, nightclubs, bars, etc.