Swimming Pool Compliance

A pool permit is required for all swimming pools, spas and safety barriers (including barriers for above ground & inflatable pools greater than 300mm in depth), before construction or installation work can commence. Our staff at Anderson Group believe there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of small children around swimming pools. It is for this reason we take every precaution to ensure your swimming pool or spa will comply with the relevant legislation, and more importantly, be safe.

Be sure of your Regulatory Compliance with a Pool Permit

Since the Building Code of Australia 2010 came into effect, new swimming pool regulations have changed the way swimming pools are built and maintained in Victoria. These swimming pool regulations placed a higher emphasis on improving the safety of all pools, new and old, and pay specific attention to safety barriers around pools.

Swimming Pool and Spa owners are required by law to meet Government standards regarding swimming pool regulations and are also expected to regularly maintain safety barriers around their swimming pool and spa in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1926.1.

Anderson Group can help you comply with these swimming pool regulations by providing a thorough Swimming Pool Safety Barrier assessment to ensure that all new fences and gates comply with AS1926.1.

Ensure Pool Safety & Security Standards with a Pool Permit

To comply with swimming pool regulations, all pools need to:

Have a safety barrier complying with the relevant legislation;

Have a valid swimming pool permit / building permit;

Have a water re-circulation system complying with AS 1926.3

These swimming pool regulations are designed to save lives, and failure to obtain a valid swimming pool permit can lead to a significant fine. To ensure your pool complies with the swimming pool regulations, contact Anderson Group today.